Thought Leaders welcome! You need to engage others in dynamic environments, with big questions and complex information. You have a sense of the significance, but can they see it? Are you giving them the tools for overview and insight?

SketchThinking is a visual thinking partner for thought leaders: hosts of think tanks, visionary entrepreneurs, advocates for social change, researchers, content experts, business strategists and policy makers.

Complexity is at the core of your work. Simplification, abstract answers and high-level solutions are attractive, but not sufficient. You realize that the answers are more likely to be small, agile, detailed, and differentiated. 

Are you looking for ways to support your conversations, explorations and decisions with well-organized, content-rich visual aids?

I can help you to share your questions, information, and ideas in their systemic context. You will find an analytical, compassionate and creative sounding board in working with me. Together we develop your visual tools: a finished conceptual illustration, a storyboard, sketches for your presentation, a series of templates to use in a meeting, an animated video, or real time visual support during a conference.
The design process comes with a priceless bonus: clarity and focus.

Let's talk about your project. 
Contact me via email or 
telephone 720-3243555

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